Hello all!

For some time now, I have been working at developing Vinay Gupta's hexayurt into a usable form. The HY team is trying to get the present incarnation approved for use in Haiti. Coming from a construction background, I know that the HY will not survive a category 3 hurricane. The failure point will be at its base. Some sort of foundation must be used in order to strengthen the base.

Normally, a concrete foundation would be used. However concrete is not available and with Haiti’s infrastructure in a shambles it would be hard to get to the building site.

I propose that by mixing sand, urea and Bacillus Pasteurii together, a sandstone foundation could be poured which would provide a strong foundation. The extra bonus comes when the HY is no longer needed. After the HY is torn down, the sandstone is broken down and returned to the ground. This would not be the case with concrete.


This is a really good idea. A couple questions:

Can those materials be found or made locally and cheaply?

Has anyone tried this before?

Do you have any sources or links that would explain some of this (like the sandstone foundation) or that would give background?